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Brussels Waffle on Belgian food tour

Belgian Decadence: A Brussels Culinary Journey

One of the main things I’ve missed about Belgium since moving abroad is the food. It’s what I indulged in when I returned there...
Infinity pool at Mahekal

10 Day Itinerary to Playa Del Carmen

Mexico had been one of my dream destinations for a long time. I love history and archaeology (check out my little archaeology adventure in...
Singapore Airlines

First Class Cabins Bigger than Your Apartment

Airplane cabins aren’t always known for being roomy, comfy, or luxurious, but the newest crop of first class suites are stunning travelers with their...

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Experiences around the world

Snowshoeing Mount Seymour

Musings of a First Time Snowshoer

I always imagined snowshoes to be an essential tool in the past. Necessary equipment to make life easier in snowy regions but is obsolete...
First time on the slope: Experiences from Hell

First Time On the Slope: 5 Ski And Snowboard Experiences From...

If you're thinking about learning how to ski or snowboard, be prepared to fall...a lot. I had high hopes the first time I went...
First time snowboarding. Failed experience

First Time Snowboarding: More Falling and Injuries

Vancouver is the perfect base if you're into winter sports. I noticed this fact as soon as I set foot on Canadian soil, and this...

Animals around the world

Elephant portrait at Addo

Elephant Overload: a Self Drive Through Addo Elephant National Park

One of the things I get all giddy about is elephants. Ever since receiving my cute pink elephant cuddly toy when I was 2,...
Sinbad eating at the Born Free center

Behind the Scenes at Born Free Big Cat Sanctuary

During my stay at the Shamwari game reserve, I was very lucky to be able to go on a behind the scenes tour at...

Food around the world

The Rumbullion - view over Camps Bay

Picnic With a Twist: The Rumbullion

A picnic was definitely not what I was expecting when I arrived at the Rumbullion, but I was pleasantly surprised when we got to...
The Bungalow - Cob close up

The Bungalow – Fine Dining With a View

The Bungalow is the perfect place for a relaxed lunch, an afternoon drink or an indulgent dinner while the sun is setting. The restaurant is...
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