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Summer Wanderings On Grouse Mountain

On a lazy Sunday morning, we hopped into our rental car and 20 minutes later, after driving over the iconic Lion's Gate Bridge, we...
Hiking Grouse Mountain

Top 7 Outdoor Activities in Vancouver + Giveaway

As one of the most beautiful and greenest cities in Canada, Vancouver draws millions of visitors each year. When I moved here a little over...
ōllamaliztli Mesoamerican ballgame

Going Back In Time: Coba Ruins

As an archaeology enthusiast, I had been looking forward to seeing the ancient Mayan city of Coba. Our visit to the Coba ruins was part of...

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HOMETOWN: Dendermonde
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Mayan Blessing

Mayan Encounter in Mexico

It didn't take long before we ventured out of Playa Del Carmen, a Mexican town which draws millions of tourists each year to its...
Snowshoeing Mount Seymour

Musings of a First Time Snowshoer

I always imagined snowshoes to be an essential tool in the past. Necessary equipment to make life easier in snowy regions but is obsolete...
First time on the slope: Experiences from Hell

First Time On the Slope: 5 Ski And Snowboard Experiences From...

If you're thinking about learning how to ski or snowboard, be prepared to fall...a lot. I had high hopes the first time I went...
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