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Wine tasting in Osoyoos

Get to Know Osoyoos: Canada’s Desert Wine Country

The landscape changed quite drastically as we left the lush rainforest behind and entered the semi-arid region of the South of Okanagan in British...
Room with a boo, Halloween at Magnolia Hotel & Spa, Victoria

Celebrate Halloween in Victoria, BC

Explore British Columbia’s most haunted city this October! As one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest, Victoria has an intriguing but gruesome...
Deluxe Corner Room, Victoria, Canada

Luxury Stay in the Heart of Victoria, Canada

With an unbeatable location and impeccable style, the Magnolia Hotel & Spa is one of the top luxury boutique hotels in Victoria, Canada, one...

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Who am I?

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Mayan Blessing

Mayan Encounter in Mexico

It didn't take long before we ventured out of Playa Del Carmen, a Mexican town which draws millions of tourists each year to its...
Snowshoeing Mount Seymour

Musings of a First Time Snowshoer

I always imagined snowshoes to be an essential tool in the past. Necessary equipment to make life easier in snowy regions but is obsolete...
First time on the slope: Experiences from Hell

First Time On the Slope: 5 Ski And Snowboard Experiences From...

If you're thinking about learning how to ski or snowboard, be prepared to fall...a lot. I had high hopes the first time I went...