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two visual effects artists in search of adventure with a touch of luxury

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Join us as we explore this beautiful planet. Click on the pins to find out more about specific destinations.

Europe's calling As a Belgian national, Lies has explored many places in Europe
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Our current home In August 2015,we moved
to Vancouver
Explore Canada
Escape to the sun Since moving to Canada, central America and the Caribbean has become our escape to the sun
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South Africa We travelled around Ash's home country for 2 months in 2014
Explore South Africa
Asia Thailand is where Lies went on her first solo trip and our first trip together
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Moving to New Zealand

July 2017
At the end of July, we’ll be moving to New Zealand for work!


July 2017
Lies made a quick trip to Belgium (Gent, Brugge) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam)


April 2017
We made a quick stop in Toronto on our way back from Cuba.


April 2017
We visited Cuba on a two-week trip around the west side of the island. Read all about our trip here

Belgium & England

March 2017
Lies visited Belgium to surprise her parents for their birthday. While in Europe, she hopped on the Eurostar for a quick visit to her previous home: London.