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Punting in Cambridge - River Cam
A few days after visiting Oxford, it was time for Cambridge to also give us some insight into its university history. Founded in 1209 and consisting of 31 constituent colleges, Cambridge University is consistently ranked among the Top 5 Universities in the World. Apart from visiting the colleges, there are plenty...
Things to do in Oxford - View of Oxford - Radcliffe Camera
The recent bank holiday gave us the opportunity to visit a few cities not too far from London. We decided to explore 2 of the most famous University cities in the world: A day trip to Oxford and Cambridge. They both have a long-standing history, which is reflected in...
Me digging at the Durotriges Dig
Who doesn't love a mysterious story about people and their lives long passed. When people asked me what I wanted to study when I was older, I would always answer archaeologist. The intriguing stories from Egyptians, Greek and Romans, and later the Aztec and native Indians, enthralled me beyond measure....
Curiosity stall in Camden
I'm not sure if it is wise of me to admit that, before today, I had never visited Camden market. After living in London for 4 years, I had never made it to the market in the north. I'd like to say my lack of northern presence, was because...
Hampstead Heath detail
After a month of working with no free weekends, I finally found myself with nothing to do this Sunday. Keen to explore a few unknown places, I set off with my camera to capture the winter scenery in Hampstead Heath, a park in the North of London. After having lived in...
Winterville entrance
If you are looking for a Christmas market in London, you're better off visiting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or the Christmas market on the South Bank. If you rather visit an alternative, hipster market, you've come to the right place.Winterville in Victoria Park oozes East London vibe. Its...
Winter Wonderland, London
I LOVE Christmas markets, and if I had the time and money, I would probably visit all the Christmas markets in Europe each year. Strolling passed charming little wooden chalets in your warmest winter coat, holding a hot chocolate or Glühwein, while festive songs are being played in the...
I wasn't planning to visit the Real Food Market today, but I'm happy fate brought me to the Waterloo area (A bit of an embarrassing tale, which I won't be disclosing here).The Real Food Market is a small but cozy market near the Southbank and is open from Friday...
Poppies in London
888,246 Ceramic poppies have been planted around the Tower of London in remembrance to those who have fallen during the first World War. It's an incredibly beautiful display of strikingly red poppies, which many tourists and locals have visited since the poppies were gradually installed over the summer.I visited the Poppy installation today, and...
Westminster and Big Ben
My South African adventure has now officially ended, and I'm back in London for at least the next 6 months. Hoorah! Even though it's not as warm and exotic as South Africa, a part of me is glad to be back. There's something eerily fascinating about rainy, gloomy London,...
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